Friday, May 18, 2012


Twenty Four long days and lonely nights without an internet connection. What did we learn?

1. the inability to immediately Google the facts means we only think the politician or news reader is lying, we can't be wikisure.

2. you don't really need to know who wrote that song.

3. nor is it imperative to real-time link the actor's face to his or her name; but it is difficult not to be able to answer the question: "What else were they in?" (Internet Move Database)

4. if you read and respond (and delete) email every day or twice a day, (OK, OK many times each day) then you really have no idea how much useless crap you have not already directed to your spam filter. Yes! I really do wish to unsubscribe.

5. People actually read my blog and apparently some feel deprived when I take a sabbatical. Apologies, I was taking notes and will be posting regularly in the present and near future.

6. I am very fond of my Kindle, those feelings have grown exponentially in the absence of net access.

7. Comcast mobile wi-fi customer service isn't.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

darn Comcast anyway!! - coped with my KYHI(A)TG withdrawal pains by doubling my daily intake of cab - blew my monthly wine budget to hell!! who do I send the bill to?
ecstatic that you are no long MIA!!