Friday, May 25, 2012

Open Letter to Barack Obama

I have had this Open Letter in one version or another queued up several times this year but never pulled the trigger. First, it was a idealistic suggestion that the president consider getting his heart and soul into line with his political actions.

But that will never happen. As the saying goes - 'anyone who aspires to be president, should be automatically disqualified from holding the office.' Politicians are politicians, which means they have embraced a profession which by it's very definition demands they lie and distort.

Somehow over the many decades we have accepted a system that turns good, wise, compassionate people into liars, spinners, garble-mouthed politicians and then we expect them to act honestly and fairly once they are in office. What the system does well is to dissuade anyone with a conscience from running for public office.

So no exhortation to Barack to be more than he can be. No three point plan to turn the country around "if only we had the vision and heart to . . ." The sad truth is we all suffer, the 99% both here and around the world because we have indeed let our system of governance be turned over to politicians and they have sold it to the highest bidders.

So whether Obama's team knits together a win in November or Romney gets his shot. Nothing is really going to change. We the people dropped the ball and Washington D.C. is so far removed from us now that they are not even listening anymore. Why should they, we aren't the ones paying the tab.

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