Friday, June 26, 2015

Political Comment of the Week

The first one up top is mine. I thought it captured the sense of the week before the Supreme Court spoke to marriage freedom.

The photo below, I received from a friend labeled as "alternative flag commentary."

Later, I got another. I really like this one, yes it's photoshopped and sexist and mean-spirited but I couldn't find one of Sarah Palin.

Damn! I just found out Ann Coulter is yesterday's news.

Friday, June 19, 2015

All Those Years Ago

My life changed 25 years ago today. Old friends from that time will know what I mean, some of them share the memory and the change. The event is not the point.

Change is.

How many times in your life has some event, some minor alteration, something completely happenstance or inevitably a person changed your life?

Sometimes it's immediate, Saul being struck from his stead. Other times, most of the time, there is just a slight nudge on your path. Often we miss it when it happens, but later, if we practice reflection, the ripples can be seen as a slowly rising tide that carried us away.

Think about it, no really think about it. In just a few moments I can think of 5 individuals who changed my life. More than just a great professor, an amazing lover or a challenge put to me; well, maybe the lover; but it's your life, do your own inspecting

Simple choices eventually altered my life forever.

The final play of the Stockbridge game.

A sixteen year old applying to just one college, because the high school counselor handed over just a single application.

A friend who signed me up for the real estate exam and then told me I had two weeks to study.

A woman I didn't love, who told me she loved me.

A catalog in an unread pile for over year, only to somehow appear a day before the deadline.

. . . and first, last and always -- the magical time that ended June 19, 1990.