Thursday, July 31, 2014

Center for Spirituality and Healing (Online)

A little context, I generally participate in several online courses during the year. I've tried about half a dozen universities and several online programs. In general, I have not shared much about this little cerebral hobby of mine because it was for me. A greedy habit. But I ran across something new recently, just as an old friend was asking me about meditation and alternative healing. I thought perhaps this was worth passing on to my blog audience.

The Center for Spirituality and Healing is an free online program offered by the University of Minnesota. I must admit the name itself would put off most of my conservative friends, but let me explain. The information is set-up in module format covering a range of topics that I know from experience do help with depression, illness, grief and most of the other big, bad walls of negativity we tend to run into over the course of living and being human.

The modules run about 90 minutes each. They do not have to be completed in one sitting. You move at your own pace and they don't demand any prior knowledge or even a change in your philosophical view of life, liberty or global warming. Yes, republicans these can work for you, just don't tell anyone you go to NRA meetings with. And you liberals out there, have you actually tried yoga, meditation or healing touch?

Here's the link to the homepage and here's what modules are currently offered:

Botanical Medicine thumbnailBotanical Medicines           Overview Complementary therapies thumbnailOverview of Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices
Aromatherapy thumbnailClinical AromatherapyOverview Mind-Body therapies thumbnailOverview of Mind-Body Therapies and Practices
Hypnosis thumbnailClinical Hypnosisprayer thumbnailPrayer
Craniosacral thumbnailCraniosacral TherapyReflexology thumbnailReflexology
Healing touch thumbnailHealing TouchReiki thumbnailReiki
Massage thumbnailMassageSpirituality thumbnailSpirituality in Healthcare
meditation thumbnailMeditationTCM thumbnailTraditional Chinese Medicine
Music therapy thumbnailMusic TherapyYoga thumbnailYoga
Osteo thumbnailOsteopathy

Sunday, July 27, 2014

a musical cul-de-sac (9)

The Beatles released Magical Mystery Tour in 1967. Years later among the songs from that album A Day in the Life stood out as perhaps the single signature track of Fab Four's career. The range of artists who have taken a shot at covering A Day in the Life is truly amazing, I have picked a few who really made the song their own, if that is even possible after the Beatles had put their unique print on the melody.

A truly innovative take from Jeff Beck's guitar. And by contrast a more melodic riff from Sting. Another guitar fueled version from Lee Ritenour. A Day in the Life with Phish. An eleven minute exploration by Eric Burdon & War. Finally, a magnificently over the top live offering from Neil Young.