Thursday, January 28, 2021

A Modest Question


                         "Can you impeach someone who is no longer in office?"

First, set aside that Trump has already been impeached by the House. Yes, technically, the question is - can he be convicted. 

My thoughts go to the Republicans and apparently at least one Democrat who will vote to acquit based on the logic that you can't impeach someone who is out of office. It would seem that as it stands there reasonable though twisted legal arguments from both sides. The Constitution does not speak to this circumstance.

"Republican senators and some legal scholars have said that Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate cannot proceed now that he is once again a private citizen. But many scholars have said that Trump's return to private life poses no impediment to an impeachment trial." -Yahoo News

So, here is my question.

I believe we have these institutions we called courts. And I believe, some of them are courts of appeal. And one of them, the Supreme one, makes all of its rulings based on what they interpret the constitution to allow or not.

Why not ask first before tying up the Senate with a potentially non-event?

Before going through all the machinations of a trial and with this glaring loophole for those senators seeking to duck and cover. Why not ask the Supreme Court to rule on whether or not a former President can indeed be tried in the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors committed while in office but now out of office.

This gives the Senate time to consider the Biden appointments. And, it means, if the court says yes, the big dodge will be removed from any cowardly senator who wants to vote none of the above. If they say no, then move on, the court has spoken. Let's get those vaccines in arms, fix the bridges and save the polar bears.

Really, why not just ask first?

Monday, January 25, 2021



Last month, I mentioned to several friends (in bcc'd email) that I had a 40 year flashback to the last few days of 1980. I was making a landing on the Cape Hope at the Southern tip of Chile on 12/30/80, after spending the previous three weeks expedition touring Antarctica. At midnight the following night [12/31/80-1/1/81], we were somewhere over the Caribbean Sea on the way to Miami.

I asked if anyone else had year-end memories from 40 or 50 or 17 or any years ago. I received some very interesting responses, I offer a selection here.

"Fifty-three years ago this week, sharing a very cheap hotel room in cold, rainy Rome."

" . . . a day off, vegging out at the apartment very likely watching a bowl game."

"Five years ago, I was on a dinner cruise of Lake Como, Italy; before heading to a wedding the Switzerland."

"I spent 1944 New Year's evening looking forward my marriage the following day."

"In recent years, I have come to like nothing better than to mark the midnight hour with a glass of champagne - in bed!"

"40 years ago we were just back from bicycling across North America, Vancouver to Boston."

"New Year's Day 30 years ago, taking my first husband to rehab; New Year's Eve 19 years ago, welcoming my first son with my second husband."

"A little over 40 years ago we lived on the cable car line and met you."

"40 years ago, I was -8 years old, living in the Great Before."

"I'm typically asleep to ring in the new year."

"On NYE, I was 11 months into being a widow, and very surprised to find myself leaving the year of my husband's death with great reluctance."

"Forty-seven years ago, newly married and moving to Rapid City, South Dakota."

"Pregnant and . . . well just about covers it."

and I got a photo from a friend of her with her father in Central Park, New York on New Year's Eve 50 years ago.

and and no, that picture above is not from Antarctica, but it is of another long ago memory . . .