Friday, August 28, 2015

Dylan Lyrics

I've had Dylan's 'My Back Pages' in my ear for several days now. So naturally I had to go looking for something about it.

I've been down the Bob Dylan lyric rabbit hole before. Trust me, it is a very strange place; but should you be brave enough, try this site. It holds a lot of nostalgic pleasure.

If you'd just like to experience an extremely pleasant ear worm, might I suggest you listen to this rendition on video with Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn -- all being backed by Booker T & the MGs. A true delight.

Don't recognize the song 'My Back Pages'. Perhaps the refrain will jog your memory. These are the words that have echoed in my head for days.

I was so much older then, 
I'm younger then that now.

Yes I was and thankfully, yes I am.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Road Trip

The long and winding road beckons again. I'm off on another four month sojourn. This journey might well be a final rehearsal for a new adventure. I am seriously considering going completely undomiciled again. I have half a dozen friends and family who seem to think they can tolerate my extended presence in their space. So based on this fall's beta test, I might just divest one more time and strike out into the vast expanse of spare bedrooms around the country.

For now, I will chronicle my chautuaqua here. First stop -- Mt. Shasta/Weed, California, I arrived two days ago. I've been visiting, vacationing and retreating here for over 25 years; they really, really know me here. Further stops along the road, well, we shall see. More from the the long and winding as I meander.

Next stop, Ann Arbor. We have all been there before.