Thursday, April 23, 2015


I know politicians want to tell us that it's - Right Around the Corner or It's Too Big to Limit to Just a Few Short Months. Well, first of all to those statements and other justifications for having half a dozen presidential candidates more than a year and a half before the election, I would like to offer a sincere and resounding BULLSHIT!

However, barring that cow flop truism. I give you the line-up for next year. And I will point out once again, that the most populous state, my state, will be voting last, long after the nominations are already decided. Good move again, Golden State.

January 18: Iowa caucuses
January 26: New Hampshire caucuses
-once again the highly representative voters of these two great states will decide the frontrunners for president by coming out one night in the dead of winter to the local school cafe and standing in little groups talking about climate change or chicken feed.

February 2: Colorado & Minnesota caucuses; New York & Utah primaries
-yes, at least for now an actually significant state (NY) will vote early; though in 2012 the NY legislature delayed the primary until April and may do so again.

February 6: Nevada caucuses
February 13: South Carolina
February 16: North Carolina
February 23: Michigan

MARCH 2016
March 1: Super Tuesday. Colorado caucuses; Florida, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia primaries.
-it will likely be all over for both parties after this batch of primaries, since the conventions are not until summer, this means we get 3+ months of non-campaigning campaigning, during which time the candidate's minions tell as many falsehoods about the other guy (or gal) as the media is willing to pass on to the public as truth.

March 5: Louisiana
March 8: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio
March 13: Puerto Rico
March 15: Illinois, Missouri
March 22: Arizona

APRIL 2016
April 5: Maryland, Washington DC, Wisconsin
April 26: Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

MAY 2016
Mar 3: Indiana
May 10: Nebraska, West Virginia
May 17: Kentucky, Oregon
May 24: Arkansas

JUNE 2016
June 7: Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, California

What do you think would happen if the schedule was turned on its head and the five states voting in June voted first? I know one thing, the candidates would like campaigning in the California & New Mexico sunshine a lot more than the January snow of Iowa and New Hampshire. And after all, don't we all want to make this ridiculous process easier on those lying, vile bastards the esteemed candidates for president of the united states of america.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Republican Candidates and The Great Divide

"You know in your heart he's right. Far, far right."

In 1964, Barry Goldwater ran for president against Lyndon Johnson and got crushed. He was by standards of the mid-60s very conservative. One of his campaign slogans was: 'You know in your heart he's right.' The quote above is what the opposition did with that suggestion.

Now 50+ years later, we are coming to grips with a completely different kind of conservatism. Thus far, we have Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul with their hats tossed into the far right side of the presidential ring. However, we all know as the tiny car rolls to center stage, there are more clowns candidates set to leap into our collective consciousness.

Let me propose a project in tolerance, understanding and borderline insanity to my liberal friends. Independents, middle of the roaders, moderates and rational republicans might try this as well.

As each candidate makes their announcement, I have been taking a day or two to read the websites, columns, pundits and even their own presidential page to find out what they say they stand for. Without the filter of the "liberal media" the picture is much more clear. 

Please note I am not saying you will find any of them more rational, sane, thoughtful or persuasive. What I will offer from my own first three forays into far right land is this:  Following such a perusal of the candidate's support and supporters, you will have a much better understanding of who these people are. And by "these people" I do not mean the candidates themselves. I refer to those who support policies and rhetoric that you probably find personally offensive or downright insane. 

This is a divided country. Severely, some say hopelessly, divided. I am finding this window into the "other" to be interesting, disappointing, educational and at times frightening. But it is where we are and ostrich behavior won't address the reality of this great divide.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

High Diving Giraffes

One of my friends, who spends very little time on the internet, asked me to send her "that giraffe thing you posted a couple of years ago." Fortunately, I knew exactly what she was talking about, if you have not seen the astounding High Diving Giraffes, trust me, click through. You won't regret it.

For the ADHD among you, I think it's all brilliant but the action starts just before the two minute mark. Though the lead-in is a wonderfully artistic tease that really shouldn't be missed. I mean have I ever steered you wrong, other than that one time at that bar in Chicago and honestly, anyone who didn't have a medical degree could have made that mistake.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

I've Been Thinking

I saw my first case of internet addiction recently and I don't just mean someone glued to their computer screen. The person I refer to was experiencing withdrawal symptoms after less than 24 hours off the computer. Symptoms strong enough to warrant medication, if you believe in the science behind tranks. I know, I know, it snowed a lot in Boston, global warming must be a liberal hoax.

But I digress . . .

I am reviewing my own online activities to determine the cost/benefit of my time there. I think, like most addicts, I have control of the urges that call me. Being a psychologist, researcher and pseudo-scientist I am undertaking a methodical review.

At this point, I have a couple of observations.

A. My overall web-surfing commitment has only slightly increased; however, social media, in particular Facebook, has replaced a good portion of the time I had previously devoted to national and international online newspapers. There certainly is a correlation to one's overall understanding of world affairs based on where you get your news. I wouldn't want my views to be Facebook formatted. On the other hand, the Daily Show remains a stolid source of commentarial sense and nonsense.

B. I do not have social media connections other than on my home computer. No cell phone surfing, no tablet, I can't even spell PDA. I generally don't carry my cell with me, only on long trips. Outside of the apartment, I am not connected, not sending, not receiving. When I walk out of a theatre I am discussing the performance with whomever attended with me, as opposed to the younger half of the audience who are texting their experience before Arlo has left the building.

C. Unfortunately, I have seen one too many "15 Most Exciting Ways To Something or Another" and I know way too much about what happened to the cast of M*A*S*H and Welcome Back Kotter. And the cats, don't even mention the cats. Did you see the one with the jaguar and the crocodile?

D. On the other hand, I am now in contact with friends from 50+ years ago. Some of those rekindled friendships have become very gratifying and I'm not even going to mention the shared recipes for all things chocolate.

Digressing again.

I'm going to continue to mince around with these ideas for a week or so, but I can say I am considering at least a month long break from sharing any more pictures of my lunch, my million coin win on MyVegas or my deeply held feelings about bigotry disguised as religion.

So, on social media use -- How about you? The comments are open.