Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Question From A Friend

A good friend and careful reader of this blog asked last week how I was able to "get so riled up about issues enough to be articulate in a blog yet not have it ruin your day?" A good and timely question. My first answer was that perhaps getting it all out and into cyberspace was a way of working the venom out of my system. 

Upon further reflection I noticed that at least in the political realm this literary antidote may not be working as well as it once did. A recent post exposed a borderline defeatist attitude towards American politics and while I don't want to repudiate those feelings, I do feel there may be a more balanced course of action. 

Remember the slogan - "Think Globally, Act Locally". Well I am considering a similar motto for my own political participation - "Act Locally, Stop Reading the NYTimes." I'm not sure that's going to work but I do believe I may have to give it a try for awhile. Trying to turn the lumbering ship of state and encouraging others to do the same seems less and less like David vs. Goliath but more and more like - well see nuclear clown cloud up there - a bit like that.

In any case, tis nearly time to wash the politics out of the blog and get on to more uplifting and rewarding ponderings.

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