Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rethinking Vietnam

History tells us that in 1972 the Nixon Whitehouse was so paranoid about the challenge of George McGovern, the Democratic party and the anti-war movement that they sent paid operatives into the Watergate to steal files from the National Democratic Committee offices. But what if the election was not the reason for the break-in that eventually cost Nixon the presidency.

What if in the 1968 campaign, Nixon and his notorious henchmen went to the government of South Vietnam and got them to boycott the peace talks underway in Paris. What if peace could have been obtained in 1968 and saved seven years of war and tens of thousands of lives. What if Nixon undermined the peace talks to win the 1968 election.

What if there was a file proving all of this and what if that was what the Watergate burglars were after that fateful June night in 1972. Alternet has an article saying exactly this with the documents (the file) giving exact evidence.

Too young to remember Watergate, Nixon and Vietnam. How about Reagan, Oliver North and Iran-Contra. The Alternet article goes on to demonstrate the same massive cover-up of that scandal and of Reagan's contact with Iran to keep the American hostages captive until after the was in office.

But don't worry only republicans would do something like this, you can trust Obama won't drop a drone on your ass.

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