Monday, March 18, 2013

"God made a big deal about the underwear . . ."

These words from an old friend I have not seen in nearly fifty years. Via Facebook we have in some small cyber way reconnected.

"God made a big deal about the underwear of the Old Testament priesthood. There were literally pounds and pounds of embroidery and precious materials...hats and ephods and robes and belts. But under all that decoration and symbolism was a pair of linen boxer shorts. And God said..."Make sure you wear those linen breeches...or else." We like the idea of being "God's man". Preachers like to stand up front and tell the folks what's what. But behind all that loud talking and finger pointing there are supposed to be some private and sacred responsibilities. While you're drawing lines for other people to toe don't forget to toe the line for yourself. Those "boxer shorts" in Exodus 28 have to do with that private and absolutely critical personal heart preparation. I've let that slip before. I've been up there with guilty conscience or an empty heart. I don't think anybody noticed...except me...and of course God."

Old Friends - Simon & Garfunkel

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