Monday, September 15, 2014


TUESDAY: I'm back at the house. Cats accounted for. But there's still a only partially contained fire about 7 miles away. Will keep the car loaded and watch for smoke plumes.

MONDAY: A fire broke out earlier today in Weed. Although my friends home is eight miles out of town, the fire is spreading out of control. The drought has made everything in the state more like tinder than foliage. I have evacuated North to Yreka and got one of the last motel rooms in town. I-5 the main North/South route up here has been shutdown in both directions, including the southbound lanes closed right where I am. Fingers and other appendages are crossed for the winds to die down and the fire to be stamped out.

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Brenda Dobia said...

Good luck! I'm in New York right now. Heading down to UPenn tomorrow.