Friday, September 26, 2014

Road Trip #2 -- Elko, Nevada

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Day 14 (Sept. 26th): 500 miles (trip to date: 875 miles)

On the road again after two weeks near Mt. Shasta. A most interesting visit with a fire evacuation, a flood via melting glacier and finally the first rain of the season. I arrived to 90+ degrees and the barest Mt. Shasta anyone has seen in many years, hence the melting glaciers. But on my final day the rain clouds cleared to reveal snow down to the tree line. More white than locals have seen in three years. Hopefully, a beginning to a wet winter.

To avoid more interstate time, I meandered through the high desert of Eastern Oregon. Morning temperatures hovered in the high 30s with lots of tule fog in the low valleys. But tonight I find myself back on the interstate. Ah well, this too shall pass. Somewhere in Utah or perhaps Wyoming tomorrow evening before arriving in Colorado on Sunday.

On a slightly sour note. I have abandoned my plans to drive the Northern I-90 route to Minnesota. New medical information requires a stopover in Colorado. So I am once again traversing I-80, a highway I have driven too many times and had hoped to avoid. I will get to see my friend Tina in Boulder, so there are compensations.

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