Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Social Media on the Internet

"A quiet party full of people I like." -Birrell Walsh

Funny how the millennials have already abandoned Facebook and Twitter for faster more immediate social media. What could possibly be faster than Instagramming a photo of your lunch, you ask?

Sorry, but if you have to ask, the swirl of social media has already passed you by. You probably still have a landline and watch TV on an actual television.

On the other hand, for us old slow folks; social media connects us 24/7/365 to people we no longer see in real life or at least not often enough. Old college friends, distant family, even ex-spouses are now with us whenever we power-up the iPad.

So, here is my continuing endorsement of social media in all it's forms, including even the absolutely latest app the kids won't explain to us. I like being in touch with people I knew 50 years ago. I enjoy "continuing the conversation" after the real world gathering is over.

My conservative friends love sending me outrageous distortions of the truth, I mean cogent well-researched arguments, for their insane positions. My liberal friends go crazy when I explain why they can't vote again for their "really good" congresswoman because even she is just another brick in the wall.

So despite facebook mining your posts for ad revenue and the NSA watching your every photo, comment and purchase -- I find social media to be a much bigger positive than it is an annoyance. If you don't agree, I'm going to unfriend you, right after I write a nasty comment on that last picture of your granddaughter and her new puppy.

p.s. the travelogue will recommence when I continue my road adventure in about ten days.

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