Sunday, August 24, 2014

Advice for Your Tummy

We've all seen them. Articles that tell you what foods are bad for you. Fat food, fast food, food full of sugar, food that isn't food at all and, of course, ridiculously expensive food. But if you followed more than a couple of those lists, you might die of starvation. Here are a few I found in just one hour of net surfing.

27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again 
-this list has more economic information than health tips, some of them are quite good, check out the write-up for the last item on the list.

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
Smoke & Cured Meats
"Blueberry" items
Multi-grain Bread
Reduced fat peanut butter
Bottled tea
Tomato based pasta sauces
Energy drinks
Gluten-free bakery products
Flavored non-dairy milks
Foods made with Cellulose
White rice
Gourmet frozen vegetables
Microwave sandwiches
Premium frozen fruit bars
Boxed rice entree or side-dish
Energy or protein bars
Spice mixes
Powdered ice tea mixes
Bottled water
Salad kits
Individual servings of anything
Trail mix
'Snack' or 'lunch' packs
Pre-formed meat patties
Gourmet ice cream - It's painful to watch someone actually pay $6 for a half-gallon of designer brand ice cream. Don't bother. There's usually at least one brand or other on sale, and you can easily dress up store brands with your own additives like chunky bits of chocolate or crushed cookie. If you do like the premium brands, wait for that 3-week sales cycle to kick in and stock up when your favorite flavor is discounted.

33 Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid
-now here is an all-star unhealthy list: trans fats, high fructose corn syrup etc.

Fast food
Packaged cookies
Cake frosting
Microwave popcorn
Frozen meals
Colas & Sodas (yes even diet)
Ranch dressing
Fried foods
Packaged chips
'Light' foods
Packaged diet snacks
Salty snacks
Lunch meats
Ice cream
Pork Products
Whipped cream
Fatty meats
Milk shakes
Specialty burgers
Pasta dishes
Chocolate (Bastards!)
Coffee drinks
Movie popcorn

Feeling a bit hungry about now?

50 Seemingly Healthy Foods That Are Bad For You

Oh no! Even the good stuff is bad?

Microwave popcorn
Light salad dressings
Trail mix
Artichoke spinach dip
Flavored no fat yogurt
Dried fruit
Flavored soy milk
Energy drinks
Smoothies (What the hell!)

Let's skip ahead and get deathly serious.

Top 11 Health Foods That Can Kill You

Fruit juices
Whole wheat
Agave nectar
Sports drinks
'Heart Healthy' vegetable oils
Low fat and fat free anything
Gluten-free junk
Margarine and Butter fakes
Energy bars
Low carb junk
Healthy cereals

and finally, since you have no food at all left in your pantry

7 Foods that were supposed to be incredibly unhealthy but are actually anything but . . .
Coconut Oil
Whole milk
Chocolate (Damn Right!)

Now head for the cupboard and let's stay confused out there.

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