Monday, September 09, 2013

Top Ten Websites

Before you read the next paragraph - ask yourself. What is the top website on the internet? Got more than a few guesses. Read on for the most recent results.

I thought Google was #1 but I was wrong, the giant search engine is #2 with the social media drain on your life Facebook at #1. YouTube came in a surprising #3 with the longest running top ten site Yahoo at #4.

Wait you say is this the whole world wide web or just the english speaking world? No, this is all of it but there are two non-english based websites in the top ten. At #5 is Baidu and occupying the #9 spot is

Wikipedia holds down the disinformation hotspot at #6 and the Microsoft site is #7. Twitter comes in at #8 and the top ten is finished with the only outright self-identified commercial/retail site Amazon.

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