Monday, September 30, 2013

"Didn't you read my blog?"

Anyone who has ever written a blog for any length of time has found themself in this situation. You are in a group of people, real people these are, not a chat room full of text voices, nor a screen of images, real live breathing people. A topic comes up upon which you have something to offer. You begin your comments with the words: "I wrote about this in my blog . . ."

You see we come to expect that our family and friends will keep up with our pearls of wisdom and bon mots of magnificence because we took the time to write them down and put our florid words out into cyberspace, they could at least have the decency to read them.

Alas, the truth is we become a task after a few weeks or months. Perhaps we stray from the essence of our initial self-professed blog credo or maybe it was just one too many kitty pictures. This my friends (those of you still regular readers and those others of you who are here today because I send you an email demanding your attention) this my friends is a common blogger experience and not of universal significance other than it often becomes posting fodder as the someone ponders euthanizing their blog.

Nay, I wish to speak to something more important today. A point of friendship if you will. I first confess my guilt to the forthcoming accusations but I also point a carpal tunnel crooked finger in your direction.

I discovered recently that several of my best friends were completely unaware of a significant change in my life. Not that I hadn't given fair warning right here in this little grey blog but since they had long ago wearied of viewing my net offerings, they had missed my announcement. But more importantly, they of the non-blogger world had also had pronounceable changes in their earthly condition, which had not been communicated to me.

And they didn't even have my blog excuse for letting the drift of time dull our connection! To use the lexicon of the day - WTF?

So dear friends. What's up? You have my numbers, my email eddress, skype, text, carrier pigeon, tele-turtle. . .

I shall endeavor to stay in contact more often and directly with more than yet another blog post like this one.

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