Monday, September 02, 2013

22 Years Ago

I am not one who believes time flies. I don't think everyone at the reunion looks old. Each day follows the last and yes they do build up into years and eventually decades. I guess you could say I am just not attached to calendar. However, there is one segment in my life that does give me twinges of "where has it all gone."

Twenty-two years ago this week I landed in San Francisco with two cats and my condo on the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. I spent the next nine years getting a Ph.D. and changing my consciousness forever once again.

I have been back in the Bay Area for nearly four years now but it isn't the same. Well, of course it is, I'm clearly the entity that has changed. For all my equanimity and general aura of peace, I am troubled by what time and I have done with ourselves these last couple of decades.

Clearly more pondering is called for.

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