Thursday, September 06, 2012

Women and the Right

I am not a single issue voter, but I think if I were a woman I would be.

I have asked several conservative woman how they can tolerate the vicious attacks on their bodies, their rights and their gender and still vote republican. Of course, there are justifying arguments. Like:

"Those are fringe elements making those proposals."

But mostly what I hear is some slightly veiled thought process that is for all intents and purposes - classist and sexist. It comes down to: "Those things don't happen to me."

Really? You don't use birth control? You don't seek out reproductive health care? Oh I see you can afford it yourself. What about rape, unwanted pregnancy... What about your daughter? Is this really just a massive gender specific delusion, an epidemic of sticking your pretty little heads in the sand?

Yes there are other issues. The economy is a huge deal right now. Perhaps for you there are social issues that align you with conservative politics. I get it. But these people, at least some of these people, are seeking to legislate control of your body. Doesn't that upset you? Seriously please explain this to me. Why are we still having a conversation about the right of each individual to determine what happens to their own body? I really do not understand.

So why bring it up now? Well this morning I was reading the Republican Party platform for 2012. Some of those people really don't like women and even more surprising some of those people are women.

I just don't get it. If you tried legislating any conduct that limited the free and open expression of the collective penis & testicle set you would have fist fights in the streets. Are the vaginas of the world really so different? I really don't get it. Oh nevermind. Hey babe, make me a sandwich.

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