Sunday, September 30, 2012

The New Novel

"Fess up: Are you more jazzed about the release of the new Abraham Lincoln biopic by Steven Spielberg or the season premiere of Homeland (September 30, 10 p.m., on Showtime)?"

I would like to highly recommend an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled Cable is the New Novel. An extremely well thought out and well written treatise on the evolution of the cable television series to its current place in the American culture. 

Some samples: 

"Like the bulky tomes of Dickens and Dreiser, Trollope and Wharton, the series are thick on character and dense in plot line, spanning generations and tribal networks and crisscrossing the currents of personal life and professional duty."

"Viewing and reviewing shows on mobile devices, iPads, and computer screens, or via DVR and box sets, not only helps aficionados connect dots and track motifs across a season but encourages artists to more carefully embroider the details of their product."

"Smelling fresh prey, graduate students and university publishers are closing in on a genre ripe for the exegetical plucking."

My personal current favorite is Dexter, which begins its 7th season tonight. Followed closely by the blockbuster Game of Thrones with or without the full frontal exposure. Homeland comes in third on my must see list but with only one short first season in the can, we shall see how it does or doesn't carry on. And even though Homeland premieres tonight after Dexter, don't ask me about them for at least a couple of months. I use the DVR and save them up for a weekend orgy of consumption.

Finally, my own personal confession from the brink of the reality versus fantasy struggle - I have yet to see a single episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

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