Monday, June 18, 2012

Why (and Why Not)

From this point forward our little blog will have fewer words. (At least that's my plan) I still have a backlog of images and art I will share but for the near future I am saving my word-smithing for the next book. (Though politics does tempt me every day) I have finally committed to one of the three potential projects I have going and hope to remain heads down on that work until it is finished. (Banishing the blog temptress is not easy)

I am not going silent here - I still need to vent periodically, but I may use the words of others and visuals to make my point more often than I sift through my own thoughts to put words to cyber paper. (Like I said that's the plan)

Thanks for listening. I hope you continue to stop by. (Oh Hell, even I don't believe I will actually shut-up)

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