Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Best House in a Bad Neighborhood

As you know I have been trying to wrap my head around what it is that leads me to the "less than optimistic" side of the existential aisle. How is it that bright, intelligent people in this country, this state, this city . . . how can they deeply and passionately hold opinions that represent what I feel are the very essence of greed, prejudice and ultimately nation destruction?

Is the United States of America simply the best house in a bad neighborhood?

The bad neighborhood would be most of existing humanity. Yes, we are better off than if we lived in Iran or North Korea. Even if we apply sensibilities existing in places other than the western developed world; this is still a better place to live most of the time. 

I understand we are indoctrinated with principles of western democracy, individuality and personal freedom tending towards consumerism, ever expanding expectations and extreme privilege. Got it, this system is far from perfect and from the perspective of Gaia, we really ought to be extinguished.

But we are not about to commit universal seppuku, if only because the "other guys" would then be in control.

What I am saying is that the country with the most wealth, a high level of "freedom expression" in its very nature and a whole knot of baby boomers taking over the reins - this nation should be able to lead the world past this current clump of unknowing. 

No, I don't want to say we "should" be able to lead because my feeling is that we "could" do it and I wish we "would" do it but I see no single path in the woods while we are so clearly divided into two camps that more and more project hate and despair towards what should be seen as an inclusive circle.

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