Friday, May 06, 2016


Over the last decade I have written for a dozen or so websites. Most of the work is background or SEO content. Search Engine Optimization for those not into cyber jargon. During this time I have received a lot of feedback from editors, content managers, public relations specialists; you get the point.

Each website has a theme or a "voice" they wish to project and often times it takes some back-and-forth to get in synch with what they are looking for. More often than not the editorial suggestions are constructive. Writers tweak our work to fit the tone of the website.

It's often good work for decent pay until it isn't. The internet is ephemeral.

However, and I do mean however. This last week I got a one sentence rejection based on a spec article I wrote for a website I thought would be a good fit for my work. I offer you the befuddling feedback I received without further comment.

"Your approach to the topic and your research is simply too intelligent for our needs."

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Birrell Walsh said...

This is so common. One must not write ABOVE a certain grade level, and there is software out there that will make the judgement.