Friday, May 27, 2016

Where Are We Now - Oakland

I am now fully committed to my undomiciled lifestyle. Though I have briefly stayed here in Oakland once in the past, it was less than a week, just passing through. Now 'South Oakland near the Zoo' is a geographic description I give to friends and family.

My future plans are listed over there at the top of the right-hand column. That's my plan for the next twelve months, most likely there will be a few adjustments but the die is cast.

I'm working hard on my book: "Undomiciled: How to be the Perfect Long-Term Houseguest." Hopefully, by the time this year of wandering is complete, so shall the book be.

In the meantime, I would be interested in any tips or insights you may have on experiences as a home-interloper or host of same. You will remain anonymous if quoted in the book.

Happy Cooking Travels!

photo credit: Dennis Past

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