Friday, March 25, 2016

Hello Life, Goodbye Berkeley

Today is my final day in the Berkeley apartment where I have lain my head the past five or so years. Time to move on (again).

For the immediate future, a bit of West Coast travel. Portland for a conference. Weed for a cat-sitting stint. Las Vegas for a poker boyz sojourn. Then the South Oakland hills for a couple of months, the first stop of my new permanent, impermanent state of being undomiciled.

I will be staying with friends and family who for a variety of reasons are looking forward to a tall, bald, middle-aged man in their guest room

Why the lifestyle? Some of you have asked.

I would point out that I have a fairly well-worn reset button as far as my place of residence. I've been doing this for a very long time, only now am I declaring it a lifestyle and, of course, writing a book about it.

For the remainder of this year the fuzzy travel itinerary goes like this: Oakland, Weed, Shakopee, Ann Arbor, potentially Boston and Washington DC, before ending the year in Florida.

Come 2017 . . . watch here for hints of whatever emerges from my personal intentional fog.

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Aliceann Carlton said...

May your travels bring adventure of a good sort, Tim. I look forward to hearing of the journeys.