Friday, March 04, 2016

Size Does Matter

I was watching the primary results on Super Tuesday and heard something intriguing.

Let me be clear, I watched seven or eight channels, flipping between them to avoid having to listen a single word out of the mouth to any of the candidates or a single syllable from the foaming lips of Wolf Blitzer.

Amidst all the idiocy and repetitive obviousness, I did hear one compelling argument.

One of the talking heads said that in several of the crossover primary states, where voters could select which party primary to vote in and where independents could also vote, he identified three groups of non-republican-party-members voting in the republican primaries.

Group A: Pro-Trump all the way, including both independent and true crossover democrats.

Group B: Anti-Trump all the way, voting for Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Carson or Beelzebub.

Group C: Anti-Republican independents and democrats crossing over to vote FOR Trump because he is the weakest candidate in the general election.

Obviously, Group C voters are my favorites. I have advocated for forty years that each and every vote in a presidential election should be a protest vote against the two party monopoly. I have voted Green, Independent, Socialist, Peace & Freedom and probably another couple now defunct third parties. I will do so again, unless the FeeltheBern movement finds a way to undermine the democrats heavy-handed anti-democracy tactics.

Let me be clear to all those with email, phone and face-to-face access to me. If Donald and Hillary are polling neck and neck on election eve come November, I will not be voting for her, never.

It can't be said often enough - when you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still get evil; even when one of the evils is a jack-booted specter of disgust.

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