Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some Days

Today is bright and sunny around San Francisco. A light marine haze lays over the coastal strip but it is unseasonably warm. I know this type of day gives many people a mood lift. Rain does that for me, but sun seems to be the go-to mother nature stimulant for most.

I took a long, walk this morning, sticking to the sunny sides of the streets. I'm usually a shade guy myself. But today, I hoped to wash away a bit of shadow that lingers in my soul.

This morning a friend of over 50 years has gone away. She was ill, so very ill. Others will say that passing was a blessing. It may have been, only she can know that now. For me, it's another lost friend.

When you say you have known someone for 50 or 60 years, it leads inevitably to the place where you no longer have them around, even if they were only an email or facebook post away. Slowly they aren't there anymore.

We knew each other in high school, afterwards our paths didn't cross for twenty years. When they did, it was hit and miss for awhile and suddenly a short, intense time for both of us. Then it was back to holiday letters and infrequent contact. Somehow another 25 years passed.

So, today is sunny. Remember on your next bright, clear day that for some the light is a little dimmer, doesn't penetrate as deeply. We all pulse with the fullness then the emptiness of life. Share your light while you may.

Some days are not like all the others.

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