Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prolotherapy #2

I had my second prolotherapy treatment this past week. With this series of injections I can now begin to look for signs of improvement in my back problems. A full assessment is still three or more months away. For those who have asked for information, here is a well researched article from the New York Times (2007). The physician quoted in the piece is my doctor. 

This is not a new or alternative therapy at all. But 'tis not well known or widely practiced because, unfortunately, there's no money in it for Big Pharma, so the long-term clinical studies are not being done. If you have lower back, shoulder, neck or knee pain you might want to do some research on prolotherapy. My reports will continue here with any and all results. Just as with my series of articles on medical marijuana for back pain, if it works I'll tell you, if it doesn't that too. Negative data is still data.

While I am experiencing some side effects, they are not unanticipated and if I get relief I'll take the increased libido and hair growth on my feet. I'll just be a big, horny hobbit.

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