Thursday, October 09, 2014

Cannabis Dermal Patches

Here is my promised post on a brief experiment with Medical Marijuana Dermal Patches made available from Mary's Medicinals in Colorado.

At the present time these products are only available in Colorado and in some dispensaries in Washington state.

They deliver low dose cannabinoids over 12 hours. This means there is little or no psychoactive effect from using the patches. If pot in any form seems to be helping with your issue, then I recommend trying the patches and associated creams; particularly if you want to avoid the marijuana high.

Be aware before making a trip to Colorado or Washington that you must have a Washington State medical card to purchase there. In Colorado you can obtain the patches at the retail stores but because these are more effective at relieving you of medical issues and not getting you high, the stores seldom carry all 7 or 8 varieties. The Colorado medical dispensaries are better supplied but again you need a Colorado State med card.

Very good information is available on the Mary's Medicinals site. I also recommend this article, despite the attention grabbing, misleading headline.

So, bottomline. Good delivery system. No psycho-active effect on most products. But limited access for non-residents and retail (non-medical) customers.

Here's a link to my previous series: Medical Marijuana -- An Inquiry.

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Wooden Shoe said...

Thanks for the update, Tim. The cream/salve is also available in Miles City, MT for those who have a medical card. Patients tell me is is a real help.