Saturday, October 04, 2014

Shakopee, Minnesota

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Another layover, this time just South of Minneapolis. We played the annual Idoru 99 Fall Poker Classic last night. A really outstanding mix of fun players and several old friends. I got here Thursday night, on Friday I had a really informative tour of where my friend Mike works plus a truly outstanding massage from a local provider. My back is feeling much better after a full week of driving. Much, much better.

The wet storm that has followed me across the country is still around and now with 40 degree daytime temperatures. I am assured by the locals that winter is not here yet, but I seem to remember telling warm weather friends this same pack of lies when I lived here.

Next stop, Ann Arbor in about two days. Then some down time in the old familiar haunts.

For the Poker Boyz -- as soon as I locate the appropriate connector for my camera, I'll post the picture of me, Mike and Joel at the big game. BTW, Mike final tabled and finished 5th, while I (the interloper) loss an all-in fest against the monster stack and finished 2nd.

Pictures as promised:

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