Monday, October 06, 2014

Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have arrived at my first major stop on this year's sojourn. With the exception of two small side trips, I will be here in Ann Arbor for the remainder of the month.

The fall colors have not hit the peak pictured above, but they will while I'm here. Perhaps to share a few. Now where did I pack that camera?

Total Road Trip Day 24 (Oct. 6th) 3200 miles

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Anonymous said...

so now you have the camera cord, but not the camera. Yea, seems about right. :-) Glad you are there safe and sound. Linda (BTW- not 10 minutes after you left Shakopee, I found our Girl cat smack dab in the middle of your bed downstairs sleeping in the blankets. She thanks you for the nice, warm pile of covers you left for her.)