Monday, June 03, 2013

something else

In light of last week's revelation that political beliefs are in large part genetic. I have decided to make a change in the content of this blog.

I will still vote in every election, distaining both major parties. I will make my quadrennial third party plea once every four years. But other than that - no more political prostilizing in this blog or anywhere online. If we see each other in real life and there is enough good wine and someone just won't shut up about the blessings of the american political system, then I may, just for sport, verbally bitch slap them around but only for fun.

I make this change because of two observations I have made about individual beliefs:

BELIEFS - people hold their beliefs in the face of facts and often consider facts to be someone else's beliefs, which of course are not facts and they know that because their beliefs are either not fact based or so fact selective as to allow dinosaurs and humans to co-exist.

BELIEFS - are genetically encoded in brain development and not subject to modification, you will never convince anyone to change because at the genetic level they are not able to modify their basic view of life, the planet and other mysteries involving god, the universe and whether white chocolate is or is not actually chocolate.

Therefore, in this here blog I shall deal with other areas of non-politcal esoterica for the foreseeable future. No further mention of individuals or issues surrounding the fog of politics that in my mind are only a distractions to the real issues humanity faces.

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