Monday, May 27, 2013

Political Genetics

 "Political views are genetic because they are byproducts of other heritable traits."
This blog has several faithful readers who skip any post that has political content. I understand. I emphathize and finally I have found evidence to do something about it. Recent studies have found that as much as two-thirds of what we call 'political beliefs' are inherited. And by inherited we mean genetically encoded. 

I would like to point out an article with a number of excellent links to data and test results that all point to a nature versus nurture answer to why some of your best friends seem to be raging political idiots. 

I have always wanted to think my conservative friends are not dolts when they expouse baseless prejudices. I also like to believe my liberal friends really don't see through such incredibly opaque rose colored glasses which make the world as simple as they muse it to be. 

But now we have numbers: 50%+ of political beliefs are genetic and generally speaking the most confusing and inconsistent beliefs and prejudices fall in this category of inherited nonsense. Since this is my blog and my world to construct I am going to chose to believe my friends are genetically inclined to hold such senseless positions and the true idiots are someone else's problem.

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