Monday, May 06, 2013

The Real Message from the Democrats

The photo above was used my AlterNet recently to illustrate an article dealing with the democratic party and global warming - Fiddling While the World Burns: What We Should Do About the Democrats. The editors at AlterNet were, of course, implying the democrats in congress were sticking their collective heads in the sand and ignoring the problem. The article goes on to suggest un-nice implications including that which shall never be spoken - democrats might have been bought off by lobbyists of big oil too.

However, I would like to point out this is only one interpretation of the photo and truly the kindest one possible. Because I don't think the democrats are putting their heads in the sand, I don't think they are ignoring the issues of global climate change at all. No I think they are no better than the republicans who have all of the vitriol and shame heaped upon them from the left and the green middle. I think if you look again at the picture above you will see not a progressive politician with his head in the sand but just a politician delivering the same message they always give to anyone but the 1%.

We have to admit this folks, even as everyone with any sort of sense has come to the inevitable conclusion that global warming is real. The big truth is the bi-partisan message from Washington D.C. to anyone but the uber-priviledged. Their actions, even their words say to the voters each and every day -  Kiss My Rich White Ass.

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