Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Six Years of Blogging

A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices. -- William James

Six years ago today I posted my very first thoughts here on this little grey blog. I was in Australia at the time covering a poker tournament. Poker and my related travels dominated this blog for the first two years. Since '09 I have moved on to other thoughts close to my heart and my medulla oblongata. Along the way I have seen some of my other favorite bloggers go silent. And while I am not going to follow them down that path quite yet, there will be some slowing of the pace here. The last two years I have produced over 240 posts annually. Sure there was been a lot of imagery over words in 2012 but this year I am making a resolution to limit myself to two posts a week.

I plan to ponder the duckling a bit longer before pontificating on its future. Yes I will fail at this self-imposed limitation but I shall weekly renew my intention to blog less and write more. The current novel creeps ever closer to completion.

The end of presidential politics will help my resolve, I will soon blog about my evolving view on that subject, I hope this emerging psycho-biological perspective will motivate me to stray less into the political realms.

By goal this year is less than 125 posts, which I know is more than two a week but substantially under the five a week I knocked out last year. Hopefully the lower production will lead to a distillation of content and more thoughtful  and thought-provoking posts.


Arlene Goldbard said...

Congratulations, Tim! Long may you blog!

The Shrink said...

With trunks of memories still to come

DrPauly said...

Good luck Shrink. Sometimes, less is more.