Monday, January 28, 2013

A Political Experiment

I have a friend who is a Republican. By that I mean he believes Obama is a socialist. He doesn't think taxes should be raised on the wealthy. Social Security and Medicaid need to be cut, Defense should not. Most other social welfare programs must be eliminated. That kind of Republican.

We were discussing an issue the other day when I said: "If your facts were right I would agree with you but those aren't facts you are spouting, what they are is propaganda."

Now mind you what comes next is his idea. "Why don't we each find an article with some actual facts, then the other guy will read the facts and we will discuss them."

I agree immediately. He added one more caveat - the article had to be short because he knew otherwise I would bring in 'some long research paper from a college professor.'

Now dear reader you may chose to read the one-page online article I submitted here. Or if you fear clicking on a link because of your internet phobia or worry that you will be thrown into a severe depression by my 'facts.' Here is a small taste of those 'facts.'

The combined net worth of the world's 250 richest individuals is more than the total annual living expenses of almost half the world - three billion people.

My one-page submission covers income, debt, wealth, health care and justice. I brought a  hardcopy to our lunch the other day. My friend carefully read it and even made one a couple of margin notes. I gave him plenty of time before I asked: 

"So what do you think of my facts?"

He said: "None of these numbers justifies gun control or killing unborn children in Planned Parenthood clinics."

I really had no idea he was that type of republican.

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