Friday, November 16, 2012

Tokin' Free

"Some people will have great difficulty being white. While it is statistically the best thing you can do, it’s not for everyone.  However, if you follow the rest of the steps then you will probably avoid arrest for marijuana use."

Today I want to share an article titled: 7 Steps to Smoke Pot and Never Get Caught. Not only will you be able to lower your chances of being caught up in the War on Drugs but the advice offer may help you in other areas of your life  -  afterall everyone has a dirty little secret.

The first step is so obvious as to be overlooked by the majority of citizens, it is simply Be White. As those of us fortunate enough to be caucasian, we often overlook the inherent advantages of being the privileged whities.

Next comes the AARP advantage - Be Middle Aged (or older). Over 66% of marijuana arrests happen to those under 30. On the other hand the infrequent prosecutions for tax evasion nearly always involved older tax dodgers.

Next, it definitely helps to not look the part - Dress Square. No Bob Marley t-shirts or hippy paraphernalia. Flowers in your hair and peace symbols are dead head giveaways.

Of the other four items I think two apply to the world at large even more than they do to smoking pot.

Only Break One Law at a Time - wise advice at any time particularly to those who are young, hip and non-white. You may ignore this one if you work on Wall Street and pay your lobbyist more than a million bucks annually.

But the best advice one can glean from this article is - Don't Do It on Social Media. You really want to post that picture of you and the bong? You and your best buddies cleaning a pound of pot? And if you are going to blog about marijuana, be clear that you have a medical marijuana card or have previously blogged that you are no longer using the weed.

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Anonymous said...

I am considering a move back to Colorado - why? you ask. Because - Presciption? I ain't got no prescription. I don't need a prescription. I don't have to show you any stinking prescription
NM Lee