Monday, November 12, 2012

Full Tilt Poker

Yes faithful readers a poker post. Looking over blog traffic stats the other day I was surprised by how many of you have hung with me since the 'all poker all the time' days of this little blog. So today an all poker post and thanks for reading.

If you don't already know - Full Tilt Poker is back. 100% back in action outside of the U.S. but playable in the States in anticipation of going full money live as soon as certain jurisdictions open up. There are a couple of new features including the ability to move funds seamlessly between your accounts at Full Tilt and PokerStars.

For those who have forgotten, Full Tilt had some really unique features that made it very player friendly. Check out this article to refresh your memory of the total coolness of the Full Tilt software, I want to dwell on just one of those features - Rush Poker. 

I know a lot of "real" poker players think that Rush Poker is just for action junkies, but I find it a really interesting twist on the game. With players able to fold and immediately move on to another table and another deal, many players bet only premium hands. I found that raising from the cutoff or button frequently took down the blinds from players who had already folded and moved on to their next table. The EV+ of optimal play at the Rush Poker tables was well above what you could expect in a regular ring game. Of course, you have to think through the challenges that the Rush format adds to the game. Try Rush Omaha Eight or Better and try to figure out the correct strategy there. 

Anyway, Full Tilt Poker is back. I for one am glad they are. Now you have to wonder if and when they will bring back some of the Red Pros who made the site what it was before the mismanagement ruin the run for everyone.

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