Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Stupor Tuesday

Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, Idaho and Wyoming to the sad, humorless clown;

Oklahoma, North Dakota and Tennessee to the bozo who loves barefoot, pregnant, mute women;

Georgia to the oft divorced pudgy clown;

and bunch of convention votes to the libertarian floppy footed booby;

which taken all together still means what most reasonable folks have known for several months - Romney vs. Obama in November.

But it also means that the four clowns will continue to entertain awhile longer.


Winweasel said...

Clowns all over the world are insulted, Tim. Do hard working clowns really need to be denigrated by comparison to politicians? You might be looking at a custard pie jihad for your future.

The Shrink said...

There it is, out there for everyone to see, I am a clown bigot. As penance I will watch Killer Clowns From Outer Space three times and say ten Hail Marys.