Monday, March 26, 2012

The Math for Mitt

The "fight" for the republican nomination is over, done, finished. If you would like to keep up with the current hard numbers as they emerged and to play a bit with the speculative "what if's" Here is a neat little interactive delegate counter that will allow you to fantasize about any and all possibilities - none of which rationally lead to anything other than Obama vs. Romney in November.

For me I will be ignoring the remainder of the primary season unless, as they say, a candidate gets caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. But I would like to leave each and every American citizen and those watching from around the world with this thought - there are actually hundreds of thousands of voters who actually think a woman hating, religious bigot like Rick Santorum should be President of the United States. That thought makes me cringe more than even the nightmare of Dan Quayle a heartbeat from the oval office.


The Shrink said...

I heard privately from one of my conservative friends suggesting I was too harsh on Santorum. I repeat - he is a bigot. He is against birth control in any form and any health services that even imply there is such a thing as reproductive rights. I repeat the editorial line I read earlier today: If you have a vagina and are thinking of voting for Santorum, you are an idiot.

The Shrink said...
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The Shrink said...

Two more conservative voices heard from, this time from the east coast. My olde college right winger wrote that he was going to call me about my Santorum comments when his wife (also conservative) said: "If I hear you saying good things about Rick Santorum, we will never have sex again."

Ah priorities.