Friday, November 04, 2011



Michele said...

I don't like emoticons so I don't use them. But if I did... I'd give this a thumbs up.

Btw... word verification to post this comment is.. Koptive.

Rakewell said...

I'm strongly inclined to agree with the ideas in this poster. My problem is that I don't think YOU are. You have repeatedly expressed deep sympathy with the Occupy movement. As far as I can tell, the central tenet of that movement is that they want more of rich people's money taken by force by the government and distributed to people who have less. You cannot possibly agree with that objective and simultaneously agree with the idea, "Don't like your rights taken away??? Then don't take away someone else's." That statement surely encompasses the similar but smaller truth, "Don't like your money taken away??? Then don't take away someone else's." After all, property rights are rights, too. Keeping what one has earned is a property right.

So which side are you on? The side that believes people have no rightful claim to take for their own use money that belongs to others which would be consistent with this graphic), or the side that wants to take money by force from some people and give it to other people?

The Shrink said...

There is a vast difference between wealth that is earned and that which is stolen.