Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Happy New Home

Just before arriving in Las Vegas last week and good friend who lives here emailed me and asked if I knew of the best place to adopt an adult cat. As long time readers know I used to volunteer at the Nevada SPCA No-Kill shelter in the cat condo wing. So today, my sixth day in Las Vegas was also my third visit to the shelter this week and Jace (pictured above) now has a new happy home with a spectacular view of City Center.

I must admit that I am sorely tempted to make one more visit and take this big, old grey guy back to Berkeley with me. He is a lot more lovable than he looks in this shot, reminds me of me.


Susan said...

I love cats...! Dogs have their good points, but I am definitely a cat person, for a lot of reasons both known and mysterious. One thing they have over canines...I've never seen a cat eat shit, rocks or plastics, unlike most dogs, who will swallow anything!

peacecorn said...

Take him! He needs you!