Friday, June 24, 2016

Who Are You Voting Against?

Tell the truth, at least to yourself. Are you planning to vote against either the republican or the democrat candidate this fall?

The truth.

I'll wait.

Next question: When was the last time either of the two major private political parties offered you a candidate you believed in? Or to put it another way -

Who was the last candidate for President you actually voted FOR?

It seems the electorate has bought into the premise that not liking one candidate is no reason not to vote for him or her because the "other guy" is so repugnant.

By the way for those not paying attention, this works both ways. For example:

Clinton vs. Bush
any Bush vs. anyone else
any Clinton vs. anyone else
Nixon vs. anyone

Come on admit it, you voted against at least one of those candidates.

I won't harp on it because my quadrennial political rant may be coming soon. So, I will just say - why not vote for someone you trust, like, appreciate, not hate. If that means skipping over both the democrat and the republican candidates, so be it. Your strong enough, your good enough and by golly I like you.

Now get out there and vote for someone who isn't another one of them.

Footnote: I couldn't find a graphic with the real negative numbers for The Donald and Hillary, they are now much higher than those shown above. And I promise I really am going to transition my blog away from the American political circus, just too many Killer Clowns to be amusing anymore.

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