Friday, February 05, 2016

Iowa or Not

Am I happy about the caucus results from Iowa? Let's call it a tie.

BUT . . . let us also be consistent or contrarian, you chose.

Why the hell are 180,000 frozen Iowans in February determining who gets to plow on in the presidential race? Why are they using a coin flip to award delegates? Why was turnout on the democrat side down 33% from 2008?

Our election system makes no sense. None, zero, nil.

George W. Bush was president for eight years, even though he lost the election.

Sixteen states have effectively blocked between four and ten million voters from even registering. How are those DMV closures working for you white folks in Alabama?

Gerrymandering has rigged the congress for one party over the other for over 12 years. [See Florida Congressional District redrawing by rabid ferrets]

Not to mention, billionaires buy hundreds of hours of media time to spew out lies, fabrications and racist, bigoted, vicious venom. It all started with The Big Bribe.

This is how we determine who will be "The Leader of the Free World" with the power to send militarized drones to any place in that free world? Which is why staffers don't stand too close to the candidates.

Anyway, nicely done Iowa. Oh, and by the way, if you work the evening shift, let's say in a restaurant, a hospital or a police cruiser -- you don't get to caucus. You have to be present at 7 PM on a Monday evening in February or you are disenfranchised.

God Bless Vespucci Land.

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