Friday, September 25, 2015

Not a Movie Review -- Everest

Everest the motion picture is being released today. I was going to launch into my previously vented rant about the idiots who climb the WORLD'S HIGHEST PEAK!!!

You know the thought process that goes: these are rich, stupid people who spend tens of thousands of dollars to go up a mountain into what they call "The Dead Zone" and in the process walk, stumble and crawl past the bodies of previous climbers. Previous dead climbers.

I was going to express those thoughts again, until I found a few reviews. Check out these snippets.

This brusquely visualized, choppily played epic serves as the latest cinematic opportunity for Mother Nature to flaunt her utter indifference to human survival. 
Justin Chang· Variety
The best argument in favor of what otherwise would be a pointlessly cruel loss of human life are the sweeping, heart-stoppingly beautiful mountain vistas.
Katie Rife - A.V. Club
Still, there's only one star in this movie: Everest.
Peter Travers· Rolling Stone

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