Monday, January 19, 2015


I've had a pain in my lower back for fifty-two years. Tried many therapeutic approaches to deal with the pain and chased dozens of potential cures. Belts, needles, pills, ointments, manipulations, machinery, prayer, anger and offerings to both light and dark deities. Then back in September I went to see a new cannabis doctor to renew my medical card. He gave me a diagnosis I had never heard before and referred to a therapy also new to me. Because I was days away from hitting the road for 3+ months, I didn't pursue this avenue until I returned last month. On December 29th, I had my first in a series of Prolotherapy treatments.

Prolotherapy involves the injection of a irritant solution into either joint space, or into a weakened ligament or tendon. Dextrose is the most common solution used with some local anesthetic and other additives. The injection is administered at joints or tendons where there is connection to bone, in my case vertebrae. In addition, I also had platelets injected into the tears and holes in the lower back/spine structures. The process involves taking blood I donate and then spin it down in a centrifuge to extract only the platelets.

Because I am having both forms of therapy my interval between treatments is eight weeks. I am not due for a second treatment until late next month. The anticipated course of treatment is based on decades of evidence. I am not and should not expect any changes that rise to the level of 'healing' until after the second treatment. So as of now I am where I have been for five decades. But with a degree of cautious hope.

I will say that extensive research prior to going under the needles leads me to believe I am in the prime category for having prolotherapy be effective. More reports will follow. My fingers, toes and vertebrae are crossed and I am doing the other work (physical therapy, aqua-aerobics and extensive walking) to compliment the treatments. Please remember me and my sacroiliac in your offerings and supplications to deities of all persuasions.


Kasey said...

Was cannabis on the list of anti-inflammatories you had to avoid before and after your prolotherapy?

The Shrink said...

I asked twice and got two different answers, however, based on the prolo-theory the answer should be yes.