Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Commiserating on Basic Functioning

A very close friend and poker buddy of many years has been having problems with both knees and back. I often give advice on dealing with these infirmities from my 50+ years of experience with a bad back.

An observation came up the other day about how the morning inventory of aches and pains has to start with the lower back and legs.

"You just can't do a lot of things without your legs working and your back being stable."

I had to agree. I've gone to work with colds and truly distracting ear aches, even migraines and for several months with a cast on my arm. But if my back isn't able to provide support, there are just so many daily activities you simply can't do.

For my poker friends, I offer a new metaphor from my friend that speaks precisely to this issue:

"You can't make it through a day without your knees and back. Just like you can't make a straight without a five or a ten."

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