Saturday, December 21, 2013

View From My Window

link to a larger higher resolution rendering of this photo

The Winter Solstice is upon us, the end of our solar year. I have decided to take this blog in a different direction for awhile. For how long will depend on for what period of time you remain interested in sharing my visual perspective.

As I have mentioned often in the past, I live with a magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay. I have put up several shots over the years using my tiny pocket camera, but last month I put out a call to my Bay area friends for the loan of a good camera that might capture more of what I experience every day. My digital visual prayer was answered.

So for the near future, this will become a visual blog with a link to a quality photography website if you want to see the bigger view of what I have snapped. Call it my hobby for 2014 or just a way to extend the life of this blog that has been around for eight years now.

I begin today with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from my daily perspective ten miles away with my newly acquired telephoto capacity.

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