Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tattoos as Self Mutilation

I read an article entitled Tattoos as Self Mutilation, which I thought was exactly my position on body art. The problem is the author said all the right things but never struck home to why I am anti-tattoo. "How will you look in 40 years" is just trite. It's your body do what you want with it that's my position. So why am I, how can I be against tats?

Well there is the pure aesthetics of body ink, I don't find it attractive. Just my personal observation, to each his or her own. I don't find many tats repulsive, stupid yes but actually repugnant no. 

Then I remembered an encounter with a good friend of mine who just happens to be young. At least young when compared to me. I noticed a new tattoo she had gotten since we last were together. It was a warm enough day to have that portion of her canvas out in the sun. I commented on the new image and she said: "Yeah, it didn't turn out the way I wanted, it was a mistake."

My mistakes I erase, shred, learn from and sometimes apologize for; she will live with hers on her body forever. I think I know why I am not in favor of tattoos. But then again I don't like cooked spinach or professional team sports either.

. . . and on the topic of tattoos I leave you with this video but be warned - all things can be taken to extremes or new lows.

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