Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturation Saturday: Silver

a silver tabby 
a simply gorgeous creature if you go for looks

Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear
okay different movie, different reference, but still

a silverback
the apex of alpha males

I couldn't decide between this eye

and this one

I was torn between an Olympic silver medal
the penultimate sports award
and a silver bullet
the vampire werewolf stopper


Anonymous said...

Silver is $45/oz, up about $10 from a week ago. I bought some for silversmithing....
There is a reason it is a "precious metal".

Mike said...

I thought silver bullets were for werewolves. Wooden stakes were for vampires.

The Shrink said...

I sit corrected. Silver bullets are anti-werewolf missiles and also the Long Ranger's calling card.