Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Favorite Bands/Favorite Songs

While listening to a rock&talk radio show on one of my drives around northern california, I heard a question that seemed too simple to have an easy answer:

"What is your favorite song by your favorite band?"

My thought, of course, was - can you actually have one favorite band? or one favorite song by that band? But lists can be fun, entertaining or revealing so I pose this question to you:

"Name your favorite song by your three favorite bands."

The comment section is open below, let's hear your choices. Here are mine in no particular order.

Yes, that's the Uncle John's Band up there at the top. My favorite Grateful Dead song is China Doll. Links are all to youtube versions of the songs.

I think it's fair in all musical comparison lists to put the Beatles into some sort of emeritus category and make other selections. But I left them in as one of my three and the song: A Day in the Life

My third band is Talking Heads and the song is Heaven.

heaven is a place, 
a place where nothing, 
nothing ever happens

Your picks?


mira amiras said...

The Shrink said...

Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan - Wow!

Anonymous said...

Not sure I can grind it down right now. In the running:
Clash - Train in Vain (my favorite "hidden" track)
The Jam - That's Entertainment
Split Enz - I Got You
English Beat - Save it for Later or Too Nice to Talk To
Joe Jackson - It's Different for Girls
Zep - Tangerine, or That's The Way, or Ten Years Gone
Marie Marie - The Blasters
Maybe something by Hoodoo Gurus
Maybe something by Crowded House
Maybe something by Mazzy Star

Favorite LPs:
Robin Lane and the Chartbusters
Zep, Physical Graffiti

Winweasel said...

Warren Zevon - tough to choose between Mr. Bad Example, Keep Me In Your Heart, Mohammed's Radio, The Hockey Song, Basket Case, My Shit's Fucked Up, and I Was In The House When The House Burned Down.

Steve Earle - Devil's Right Hand

Stan Rogers - a toss up between The Athens Queen, Watching The Apples Grow, Fogerty's Cove, and Forty Five Years

Although if the requirement is favorite groups, not artists, probably The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black; Lynyrd Sknyrd - Gimme Three Steps; and The Mike Curb Congregation - Burning Bridges (weird, but I always loved that song from Kelly's Heroes).

Anonymous said...

Oh Tim, Anonymous, that was me.
But I think it was obvious, no?


Anonymous said...

This is driving me nuts, looking for 1950-60's song on YouTube, Wikipedia and Google not helping,
"La ti da oh boy, let's go cha cha cha"