Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whores of Convenience

Now that some of the noize around Wikileaks and Julian Assange has died down, I have a question of my many liberal friends and, of course, the liberal media. How is it that Julian Assange is some kind of hero, when he is charged with sex crimes against two women in Sweden? How does his leaking of governmental information obscure violence against women. Can't he be both your driveling hero in the great tradition of Ralph Nader and Daniel Ellsberg and still be a sexist and a criminal?

I would like to remind some of those same left leaning friends and all of the liberal press of how the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas sides were chosen. No one on the left gave Thomas one iota of potential of being innocent 19 years ago. He was a pervert and a near rapist because of what he allegedly did to Anita Hill and it had nothing at all to do with his reactionary politics.

Did it?

So how do Julian Assange and Clarence Thomas end up on opposite sides of the liberal fence?

Or perhaps a better question. How do Anita Hill and Julian Assange end up under the same blue tent?

Just how convenient are the politics of sexism?


Michele said...

because people only see what they want to see to fuel there own argument. rarely are all facts, allegations or assumptions in play.

not that you didn't already know this. :)

while was julian more of an important discussion than kim jong-il? probably bc it's easier to tap into web addicts who identify with hacking but don't have tangible experience with war.
love your post.

Mike said...

While there are certainly similarities in the making of political hay, I think you, are down playing the rather significant differences.
Thomas was accused of boorish behavior, tantamount to sexual harassment, but was never charged with a crime. Me. Hill was testifying to his character to be appointed to a lifetime position as Supreme Court Judge.
Assange on the other hand is under house arrest while they weigh extradition for what amounts to a misdemeanor, having unprotected sex. He's already spent a week in jail. And we all know the real game is trying to get him back in the US for espionage charges, if the Justice Dept can figure out what to charge him with.

The Shrink said...

"We all know ..."

Actually we don't all know anything and what we do "know" we don't agree on. Hence my blog post.

Mike said...

My mistake. In the future I will restrain from saying, "We all know."

The Shrink said...

However Mike, if and when the scam to get Assange here is revealed as fact; I will be the first to admit it. I am no fan of the US federal government. I just think the two issues should not cancel each other out. He really can be a good guy exposing government secrets and a rapist too.