Saturday, January 01, 2011

I'm Back

Well at least "I'm back" to blogging if not back to Berkeley quite yet. The remodel on my apartment back in the Bay Area is going as slow as expected, so I will be up here in Weed/Mt. Shasta for a continuing indefinite period of time.

As for the hiatus from this here blog, I must admit for the first week or so I was queueing up a goodly number of posts for the new year but more recently I have been happy to just not think about blogging at all. We will have to see how that all plays out over the next weeks and months. I will admit to having twenty-one blog post topics all dated for January or February, again let's see how that goes.

I have been working on my current writing project, a novel. I am close to having a large chunk of pages to offer to my victims kind volunteer readers. I will talk about that when the time comes in the next few weeks.

The other issues of life and limb continue in a miasma of yet mysterious origin. I sense that 2011 will be a period of exploration unlike anywhere I have personally ventured in the past. I anticipate being moved to provide you with footnotes and references along the way; crystal clarity will be optional.
photo: Me & Midnight


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your virtual presence back. Even more glad to see you're back with a cat on your lap and a beard on your chin. Let furriness reign and the pettings continue!

mira amiras said...


Dr. Audrey Levy said...

Happy New Year Dr. Lavalli,

I like your beard. Is the black kitty, Midnight, a new addition, or am I behind in my knowledge of your current pet situation?

I think it's really interesting that you're able to keep this blog thing going. I've tried it, but it doesn't hold my interest as far as being a writer or a reader.

Your blog is the only blog I pay attention to, and I must admit, sometimes I fall behind.

I look forward to being one of your victims kind volunteer readers. I hope I make the cut.

Dr. Audrey Levy
Doctor of Psychology, Author, Speaker
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Telephone: 310.306.7750

The Shrink said...

Midnight is the current feline king of my friend's home in Weed, California whereas I is now.