Monday, November 29, 2010


The Landlady demands a monthly post about the view or the rent goes up.

Yes every single evening.

This is the view when I lift my eyes from the laptop.

the sun slips further south each evening...

All dinner reservations are "after sunset"

A few minutes after this shot the clouds went dark red, the reflection turned the fog layer on the bay light pink for just a few incredible moments. Alas my camera could not capture that light

Even the cloud cover is cool.

San Francisco open your golden gate


Tina said...

Beautiful!!! Your rent amount is surely secured for the nonce. But you'd better set up a robot (or crow) to photograph the scene while you're away.

Anonymous said...

My son did a "thing" that automatically made a photo at a set time each day. Afterwards, he would play it back as a film. This was from the highest room of the highest building in Flagstaff, aimed at the mountains.